Do you have a Medical Case of Wanderlust?

I came across this blog post headlined: “Diagnosed with Dromomania (A Psychological Travel Illness) – Do you have it?” Any traveller couldn’t help but be sucked in by this headline and when I shared it on Twitter I immediately got numerous responses of relief from some of my fellow travel-loving compatriots that they were finally diagnosed 😉 According […]

Crazy, Stupid and Scary Travel Tales – Part 2

Last month we asked our Facebook page friends: What was your ‘Favourite Journey‘? We had 20 fabulous responses, in these blog posts 😀 This month Genevieve suggested we recount tales about: crazy, stupid or scary things we’ve experienced or done whilst travelling ~ Here is what *you* said 😉 Helen Crozier Staying in a wonderful palace […]

New Eyes

Spotted this poster on the Community Board down at the ferry terminal 🙂 “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” Marcel Proust Having recently written a blog post about travelling on home turf its a quote that I love! 😀

Tripbase & Travel Secrets

Best Kept Travel Secrets I was thrilled when I received a nomination from Kirsty Wilson of Travel Tips Plus to reveal 3 of my best kept travel secrets as part of a Blog Tag game initiated by Tripbase. (Click on the images below to get the FREE pdfs 😉 ) My 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets feature in the blue […]