We’ve been seen!

Where we’ve been seen 😀

It’s such fun hearing from you when you buy or spot our Journey Jottings here, there and everywhere that we offer a FREE Journey Jottings product of your choice when you send an image of one of our products in a shop, in a publication OR of you holding one, that we can upload on this page! 😀

First up… some of


Nancy Georges


Tony Hollingsworth

Myriam Thibault

Myriam at Coco in Mosman, Sydney

Musing over travel memories is fun for

both the teller of the tale and the listener ~

It’s quite simply mutually enjoyable showing and sharing holiday experiences

This space is for

*highlighting your holiday adventures*

Email me an image of a portion of your Map Journal illustrating one of your holiday experiences, or an excerpt from a Mail-It Map (maybe even sent to you by someone else?) that I can upload, and to share the love we’ll post you a Journey Jottings product of your choice, plus of course a link to your site acknowledging you (unless you’d prefer anonymity 😉

Let the rumpus begin 😀

Email: maps [at] journeyjottings [dot] com

While we’re waiting for some of those, here are some places holiday makers have spotted us in:


Sydney Opera House

At the Sydney Opera House


Australian Regional Food Store & Café

Sally Foley Lewis spotted these Special Edition Map Journals at the Australian Regional Food Store & Café adjacent to the Small Wine-makers Centre in the Hunter Valley, NSW Australia

Darwin, NT Australia

This is Ron’s souvenir shop in Darwin called ‘It’s Australian’ situated in Knucky Street, Darwin in the Northern Territory.  They stock Journey Jottings Map Journals, Mail-It Maps, Scrapbook Maps & Map Magnets of the Top End 🙂

Paula Williams, spotted our Map Journals and Mail-It Maps when touring Kangaroo Island in South Australia…

Vivonne Store, Kangaroo Island

…here at the Vivonne Store in February 2010 ~ And inside on the shelf…

Oh! But where’s the display map we gave them? 😉

Keith her partner said “A pretty cool little store so it must have Journey Jottings for sale. Paula was quick to get some photos” 😀

Frances spotted some when visiting the MCA Store at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, NSW

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

One of the more remote locations is at the Croc Tent up on Cape York!!

The Croc Tent, Cape York

and there on the ‘counter’… do you see them?

On the left of the ‘counter’

On the left of the ‘counter’ (in the middle of the photo) 😉

Now where have you seen some?😀

We’ve also been featured in:


Such as Giftrap Magazine

This article, published early 2010, featured Australian Made products in time for the Australia Day celebrations 😉

Advance Australia Fair

And Australian Traveller Magazine

Australian Traveller Magazine

…and this is what featured behind the Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman cover ~

Travellers Tales

Don’t forget we offer a FREE Journey Jottings product of your choice when you send us a photo of one of our products in either a shop in a publication ~ or of you with one!

Look forward to seeing & hearing from you soon 🙂

maps [at] journeyjottings [dot] com

Photos are posted here with a link back to your website

[unless you’d rather remain anon 😉 ]

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