12 Travel Highlights from 7 Countries

If you’d asked me this time last year “What are your travel plans for next year?” I’d simply have replied – “Scotland… I’m going to visit my Mum who lives in Scotland” That’s it. full-stop But the magic of travel highlights is their serendipity – Travel Highlights By way of example, I’d never have imagined a […]

Postcard from… the Amphitheatre in Nimes, France

Postcards from far flung places are fun – So here’s a digital postcard from the south of France. Nimes’ version of the Colosseum – Les Arènes or amphitheatre.  Les Arènes is purportedly the best preserved Roman Amphitheatre in the world – And is amongst the 20 largest of the 230 remains of amphitheatres found scattered across what was the Roman Empire.  […]

D is for Doodling – Happy Hints for Jotting your Journey

Last Saturday I tweeted a link to a previous post asking: “Do you write, draw or collect in your travel journal?” Ian, of @EagerExistance   replied: “write and collect.  what would i draw?”  So I answered: “Not so much ‘drawing’ as doing impressionistic doodles that’ll jog your memory better than words”   Having recently spent a […]