Our Journey Jottings Story

We’re travellers.


We’ve traversed the world overland

From Australia though south-east Asia, across the middle east, though Europe to England and circumnavigated Australia on the ‘big lap’ .

We founded Journey Jottings in 2004

When bored of not being able to show and share our travels visually Linda combined a hand drawn pictorial map with a journal and published the first Australia Map Journal.

Where is JJ Tw.23.04.09_Bl.12.06.09

We’re based on an island in the Bay off Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

This is the view from our office.

Moreton Bay Islands

To reduce our carbon footprint we cycle to the Post Office to get orders off on the first leg of their journey to our 500 retailers across Australia.

Packages are piled up in a trailer on the back of our bike.

Good for our health… but great for the well-being of the environment.

Pedal power to the Post OfficeAll our maps are printed with soya inks on Eco-label and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified papers that have a 40% recycled post consumer waste content.

Australia Map Journal

ALL our products are

  • Australian Made


manufactured within 50km of our office


  • our printer
  • travel wallet manufacturer
  • magnet maker
  • puzzle postcard producer
  • and Endeavour (the largest employer of people with a disability in Australia) who collate our prducts…

 are all less than 50km from our base in the Bay off Brisbane… 

avoiding unnecessary transportation emissions.

So future generations too will be able to enjoy the beautiful environment here in the Moreton Bay Marine Park

Launching the boat

 Spending time with holiday memories is like taking a mini-break!

Evocative Map Journal

which is *why* we do what we do…

taking your reminiscing to new horizons…


highlighting your holiday adventures…

simply summarized on a single sheet 😀

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Journey Jottings... highlights your holiday adventures

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