The One Thing All Travellers Will Forget…

…and my Top 3 Travel Tips to be sure you will remember!   “Passport?” – CHECK “Tickets?” – CHECK “Toothbrush?” – CHECK And you’re off For months you’ve been dreaming of… faraway places and luring landscapes sparkling sunshine and gentle breezes escaping to a world a million miles away For weeks you’ve been researching top travel tips and planning on… where […]

Why Not Tell Your Story with Doodle Drawings… as Well as Words?

Tell Your Story in Pictures When introduced to story telling as a child we ‘read’ picture books not through the words on each page, but via the [gorgeous] illustrations that bring the story to life. When we enter primary school we naturally express ourselves and share ideas (however silly) through drawings – But once we hit High School, we’re increasingly […]

Travel Notebook

Australia Travel Notebook Published Things always get a bit chaotic here at Journey Jottings when we’re putting out a new product. Once the design is sorted, the practicalities of getting the artwork to press becomes all consuming. Paper samples are fondled and folded and felt for the right feel. Notebooks are for writing so the feel […]

Travel Journal Ideas – Why Write When You Can Have a Travel Story-Map?

When I shared one of my travel journal ideas of a Story-Map Journal I’d kept last year in Europe, there was a buzz of excitement and interest. Certainly, for me, it’s been the most successful travel journal I’ve ever kept. A mere glance at any page brings my travel memories vividly, and instantly, back to life without having […]

‘T’ is for Taste – Happy Hints for Savouring your Holiday Foods

Taste – Holiday Foods Culinary delights from across the world excite our palate on a daily basis whether at home or abroad. And when in far flung destinations exotic herbs and spices fill the air and our nostrils. Foods, flavours and styles of preparation are synonymous with regions across the globe making local food part of a cultural […]

‘P’ is for Photos – Happy Hints for Holiday Memories

SNAP!   Oooooo LOOK at THAT! CLICK! SNAP! …and THAT! CLICK! SHUTTER! SNAP!!   Is this how your holiday goes? 😉 Snap happy!   Taking photographs is the quickest, easiest and most convenient way of recording your travels… Or, is it?   When I asked on Twitter: How do you record your trip for future posterity? […]

‘S’ is for Sounds – Happy Hints for Remembering your Trip

How do you remember your travel and holiday adventures? Photographs? Journal? Or do you engage alternative ways and means to ensure as the ‘ole grey matter turns a whiter shade of pale you’ll have the fun of recounting and recalling travelling tales from times past? Whilst photographs are one of the most commonly used mediums for their simplicity (point, […]