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Australia Travel Notebook Published

Things always get a bit chaotic here at Journey Jottings when we’re putting out a new product.

Once the design is sorted, the practicalities of getting the artwork to press becomes all consuming.


Paper samples are fondled and folded and felt for the right feel.
Notebooks are for writing so the feel of the pen as it strokes the paper is more than an important consideration if you want a gorgeous notebook – not just any old notebook!

I therefore go for an un-coated paper where the ink can cling and sink into the fibers rather than sit on the top of a glossy coated surface, which smudges at the slightest touch.

I also like some thickness and texture to my paper – I’m not keen on stationery where the paper is so wafer thin you can virtually see through it and can only write on one side due to its translucency.

I use a 120gsm thickness – The paper has some weight to it.


I also insist my papers be Eco-labeled, and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.
It’s not always possible to get the quality suitable for a notebook in 100% recycled (like the envelopes we use with the Mail-It Maps) but my favourite paper is happily 40% recycled – and that’s 40% post consumer waste recycled, not just claiming a recycled label by re-pulping off cuts from their manufacturing process.

With a potential selection of papers picked out, printers quotes are acquired, queried and compared.

While in the background my pre-press guy quietly converts my pen and ink drawings, tinted with watercolour, into a format from which metal plates can be cast.

The job is ready for the printing press.


The selected sumptuous paper is ordered, proofs are checked and then it’s in the hands of the printer.

Primed, the printer applies the cyan, magenta, yellow and black soya based (vegetable) inks to the rollers and he watches attentively as the first sheets of paper are taken up and pass through the machine’s length. As they slip off the end of the press they fall under his diligent eye where, with spy glass in hand, he inspects the new born for imperfections.


Our little travel notebook is A6 landscape format

When it comes to travel memories – little notebooks are perfect.
I’ve heard far too many tales of travellers carting off their big new travel journal and being struck by page fright on page 1 when the journal they thought they were going to start doesn’t get started and it’s left to languish blank – Void of experiences and memories lost.

Our little A6 travel notebook is 14.8cm wide and 10.5cm high…


…with 28 pages each featuring one of my drawings of either Australian plants, animals or one of eight mini-maps.


There are seven different covers.

One Journey Jottings Notebook shows the whole of Australia on the front cover, for those who like the big picture.

Australia Travel Notebook


And for those who prefer the detail, the other six notebook covers zoom in on regional sections taken from my hand drawn pictorial journal map, so each covers one of six regions within Australia.

South East Australia Travel Notebook

South East Australia


The Centre of Australia Notebook cover



The Top End and Kimberley region Notebook cover


Ningaloo and the Pilbara, North West Australia Travel Notebook cover


The South-West of Western Australia Notebook cover


The Nullarbor and South Australia Notebook cover


Which is your favourite?

Want to try one now?

Here’s the Travel Notebook Stationery page 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Travel Notebook

    • I so agree Red that just a ‘few well-chosen words can bring back floods of memories’ –
      But so many people set off too boldly I feel and suffer page fright when faced with the big blank Page 1 on Day 1 and flee – never to return –
      I’m hoping these little notebooks might get a few would be travel journallers over that hurdle by softening each page with a little illustration and not too many pages to fill 😉

    • Thanks so much Kirsty ~
      Its true – They do make a nice little notebook even for simply popping in your hand bag…
      I confess, I have one there already 😉

  1. I LOVE them.. They are so well drawn and you have put so much care into the way they have been designed. I would love to have them all.
    I really like the designs of the regional ones but would probably get the one with all Australia on it. Or maybe one of each. Is there one for us South East Queensland travellers?
    Can you buy the set?

    • Hi Nikki ~
      I’m with you, I too like the covers that feature the 6 regions of Australia best –
      So I’m sorry that one with a portion of Qld on the cover missed out on this run 🙁

      However, the pages in each of them are the same – It’s just the covers that vary.
      The covers included in this first run show:

      SE Australia
      The Centre
      Top End/Kimberleys
      Ningaloo & the Pilbara
      SW WA
      Nullarbor and SA

      Have you been to any of these areas?

      PS I should have added here’s a link to the Notebook Product page

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  3. Hi Linda & Phil – Well a huge WoW!!! how brilliant it all is. We are off in a couple of weeks and this has prompted me to look out my travel ‘log’ book – in fact I’m going to do it now. Love Jen xxx

    • Hi Jen ~ Thanks for dropping by!! All the best for your upcoming trip – and don’t forget to add a few doodle drawings to aid the memories in years to come 😀

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