The One Thing All Travellers Will Forget…

…and my Top 3 Travel Tips to be sure you will remember!   “Passport?” – CHECK “Tickets?” – CHECK “Toothbrush?” – CHECK And you’re off For months you’ve been dreaming of… faraway places and luring landscapes sparkling sunshine and gentle breezes escaping to a world a million miles away For weeks you’ve been researching top travel tips and planning on… where […]

How to Travel Journal like a Map-Maker

Why do you treasure your travel journals? For their marvelous memories, of course! Memories of faraway places… exotic locations… & experiences often never to be repeated So, how do you capture your adventures? By words? Pages and pages of descriptive writing? By sketches? Whimsical lines and blobs of colour expressing an essence? By scrapbooking? Collating […]

How Do You Capture Moments That Your Camera Misses?

How to Capture Missed Moments It was the most perfect of days – A sky of pale cerulean blue across the horizon rising through wispy white clouds to a deep azure above. And a turquoise sea, which when looking into the sun shimmered and sparkled as though a canopy of diamonds was laid across its […]

Amanda’s Digital Scrapbook – Travel Journal Interviews

Would you like to take a peek inside *someone else’s* travel journal to see how they do it? What quick, simple ways have they developed that could help you record the memories from your trip? This is one in a series of interviews where travellers share with us their fun and varied travel journal techniques – Amanda… […]

‘S’ is for Sounds – Happy Hints for Remembering your Trip

How do you remember your travel and holiday adventures? Photographs? Journal? Or do you engage alternative ways and means to ensure as the ‘ole grey matter turns a whiter shade of pale you’ll have the fun of recounting and recalling travelling tales from times past? Whilst photographs are one of the most commonly used mediums for their simplicity (point, […]

S is for Souvenir – Happy Hints for Remembering your Journey

First, let’s put the word ‘souvenir’ into context – What does ‘souvenir’ really mean? The word “souvenir” (as a noun) originates from the French, which literally means: ‘memory’ A thing you remember While ‘la memoire’ is your memory as a whole A ‘souvenir’ is a memory that you hold in this repository, and from which you recall […]