Central Australia… Plotting My Route

Photo of the week ~ My recent trip to Australia’s red centre was awesome! Here’s the route we took plotted on my Central Australia pictorial map journal with tales jotted in the bordered boxes around the outside… simply summarizing our trip on a single sheet and… …highlighting our holiday adventures 🙂 Do you jot down a few […]

Bearded Dragon Photo

Central Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps)  I so nearly trod on this poor little chap! We’d stopped for breakfast on the way to Standley Chasm. I was walking through the leaf litter to get a photo of our motorhome (camperbus!) when as I moved forward there was a rustling movement underfoot! Yikes! What was I about to […]

Kata Tjuta Sunset

Kata Tjuta Sunset ~ Photo of the Week  Having walked up Walpa Gorge late in the afternoon  we retreated from the heart of Kata Tjuta to watch the setting sun turn the domes a deep rusty red, as a pure white full moon hovered in the deepening blue sky. Have you been to Kata Tjuta? Or […]

Torres Strait ‘Dance Machines’

Australian Art from the Torres Strait Islands  “Zamiyakal, or ‘dance machines’ are objects used in the Torres Strait. They are called machines because they have many parts that can be twisted and moved, which helps to make the dance come alive. Each island has its own dances and its own Zamiyakal. “This one is called […]

After the Storm

Australia Photo ~ The morning after the night before when the wind howled and the rain lashed.  And years of growth snapped like matchsticks 🙁 The weather teases nature to grow its best with warm sunny days and gentle rain, then in a violent taunt shreds in a flash the creative work of years. Have […]