Torres Strait ‘Dance Machines’

Australian Art from the Torres Strait Islands  “Zamiyakal, or ‘dance machines’ are objects used in the Torres Strait. They are called machines because they have many parts that can be twisted and moved, which helps to make the dance come alive. Each island has its own dances and its own Zamiyakal. “This one is called […]

Brisbane’s GoMA resurfaces after the flood

I love going to GoMA, Gallery of Modern Art on Southbank There’s always something exciting to be seen that will uplift or renew flagging inspiration. Having been closed for six weeks since the Brisbane floods in January, I made a bee line when it reopened this last weekend! Occupying the whole building, the current exhibition: […]

My Artist’s Date

At times the world seems quite manic. Family life feels fast and furious, business gets busier and there’s a constant race servicing the needs of family members, business colleagues and company customers. With so much energy pouring out of the pot (solving other people’s problems) one can’t help but cry “What about ME!!” In her […]