Southern Cross Sighting – 21st November 1878 – 56th day at sea

“A grand sea on today; one moment we are in a valley & the next on a mountain. It is also considerably colder now. Our friend was quite near us this morning & we found by looking through the glass that she had got a lot of horses on board. Yesterday afternoon Ada had a […]

The Moon & the Tides

Living by the sea I’ve become very aware of the ever changing tides… their times and their heights. Governed by the moon, there are two high tides and two low tides in each twenty-four hour period, with the lunar cycle taking twenty-nine and a half-days to complete. This means that each day the tide occurs 50 minutes […]

Putting ‘Terra Australis’ on the Map

Aboriginals have inhabited the Australian continent for at least 40,000 years, but it’s a matter of debate which European nationality was the first to ‘discover’ Australia and put it on the map. Terra Australis Incognita ~ The Unknown Land of the South ~ appeared on Ptolemy’s maps, circa 150AD. Ptolemy’s 8-book atlas ‘Geographica’ was the […]