Q. I keep a travel journal ~

Isn’t that sufficient?

A. For your personal reminiscing maybe, but half the fun of a travelling adventure is the showing and sharing with family and friends when you get home ~ where you’ve been and what you’ve done  ~ Do your listeners really want to know the intricate detail of what you had for breakfast on the 27th? Or do they simply want to see where you went and hear the highlights?


Q. I’m half way through my journey 

Isn’t it too late to start plotting my journey now?

A. Unlike a traditional travel journal that needs to start on page 1 on day 1, a Map Journal can be started at the beginning, in the middle or even after you get home (as long as you don’t leave it too long when those memories start to fade).


Q. I’m a digital person –

I write a travel blog and all my photos are on line -Isn’t going back to paper a bit ‘old fashioned’?

A.  I’m a digital person too! I keep a travel blog and love viewing my photographs on a slide show but you can’t read extracts from your on-line journal and look at holiday photos at the same time.
Journal Maps are a visual complement to your on-line blog and photos

  • for physically pointing and illustrating where ‘that’ photo on the screen was taken
  • for passing around to share the details
  • using the jotted highlights as memory joggers when recounting tales

Q. I was in Australia last year –

Is it worth getting a Map Journal now?

A. Yes! The highlights of your trip are not too distant to record those memories now, but as time goes on those memories will fade without those few jottings to jog the ‘ole grey matter in years to come.


Q. I’m going on my annual holiday, flying to my destination ~

So no ‘journey’ involved!

A. Where a full blown travel journal isn’t warranted Map Journals are the perfect solution for recalling annual holiday memories. Dash your flight path from home to holiday destination (use a ruler for straight lines) and arrow in its name from the nearest jotting box. There are eleven boxes around the map ideal for highlighting daily holiday adventures.

Recording details of annual holidays and short breaks are sadly often overlooked ~ We’ve come to the rescue!


Q. I need 3 Journal Maps –

One for me, plus two more for the children

A. We offer an economical ‘Family Pack’ on our Journey Jottings Map Products page. You receive one Map Journal in its clear travel wallet with two extra maps for just an additional AUS$2 🙂


Q. I heard there was a FREE ‘Find the Animals’ game for children ~

Where can I find that?

A. Our Downloads page is currently not cooperating –
Please email us and we’ll email you with the pdfs 🙂


Q. A ‘Map’ and a ‘Journal’? 

What’s a ‘Journal Map’?

A. Its a unique way to simply summarize your holiday on a single sheet! Check out our Journey Jottings Introduction page to see how you can dot your route on the map and jot tales in the borders to highlight your holiday adventures 🙂


Q. How many different travel memory products do Journey Jottings publish?

A. We publish

  • Our signature Australia Journal Map for personal recollection (A2 sized map)
  • Mail-It Map (A3 sized map) for keeping family and friends posted
  • A5 Travel Notebooks for jotting highlights on the go –
  • Map Magnets – 24 different regions covered
  • A4 sheets for children to ‘Find the Animals’ – Please email and we’ll email you the pdfs 🙂

Q. Where can I buy one of Journey Jottings’ products?

A. Click here for our Stockists maps, then select the State/Territory. We give each stockist’s phone number so you can call them to be sure they have the product you want before seeking them out. If they don’t carry the item you want we can supply you direct – Go to Journey Jottings’ Products page to make your selection


Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes we do ~ When you Add to Cart you’ll be asked where you want it mailed to: ‘Australia’ or ‘Rest of the World’


Q. What guarantee do you offer that I’m going to be 110% satisfied?

A. We can confidently say that everyone who’s received our products has been 110% delighted with their package of goodies! Check out our Testimonials page!)
However, rest assured that if for any reason what you receive is not what you’d imagined, we’re here to help you get it rectified. 🙂


Q. HELP! I can’t find what I want to know ~

How can I get the answer?

A. Please, give us a call, we’d love to talk with you and will help you in seconds! Telephone: +61 (0)7 3829 3764.

(Don’t want to phone? Check out our Contact Page for other ways and means to connect with us)

OR ask in the comments below 🙂

7 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hello
    I absolutely love your products im an old fashion scrap booker/travel journal writer and your products were the most perfect thing!!!
    I was wondering if your are ever going to do other countries? I would kill to have something like this for china, japan, thailand, usa
    is this something that may be on the cards in the future?

    Many thanks

    • Hello Hannah ~

      So happy to hear you enjoyed using our Australia Journal Maps and Mail-it Maps during your trip down under!
      Other countries are on the cards… although we keep getting a little side-stepped expanding our range here (such as the recent Journey Jotter in the shape of a luggage tag 😉 )
      Will make sure you’re the first to know! 😀

      • Thank you 🙂 although am not going travelling for a little while yet am already excited at the prospect of using your maps (maybe more than actually going to the different countries lol :-))
        Thank you for taking the time to reply and hopefully hear from you in the not to distant future!!! 🙂

  2. Hi

    I travelled to Perth last year and bought a load of your journal maps for our trip up the west coast.

    This year, I’m spending 6 months travelling around the Rockies in Canada and the U.S.

    If you could do something both paper copy and digitally based that would be amazing.
    I’d love to use one of your maps on our website so that people can follow our journey.

    Is this possible?

    Greg and Ellen (the Big Itch Team)

    • Hey Greg and Ellen,
      How fantastic to hear you used my maps for your trip up the west coast of Australia 🙂
      And I’m super envious that you are now in the Rockies!
      I’m sorry to say my Australia maps are only available printed on paper!
      The only thing I’d have suggested while you were travelling Oz would have been to have photographed the Map Journal as you filled it in and then inserted that into your posts ~

      All the very best for your future travels 🙂

        • Hey Greg ~
          The Rockies would lend themselves so well to my style!
          But no, I won’t be doing a Rockies map anytime soon 🙁
          Have a fabulous trip – and maybe try doing some storymaps along the way – There are a few examples from my journal in this post about my visit to Whistler and here, how I got there!
          Happy travels – and enjoy the memories 🙂

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