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Journey Jottings Testimonials

“I was recently on holiday in NT and came across your wonderful maps of the red centre – snapped up a few to fill in to send to my dad and sister back in England and kept one for myself as a diary/souvenir. My family were thrilled with them as it gave them a visual sense of where I’d been and what I’d done and was far more expressive than a postcard!”
Emma, Tasmania

“We are currently on our way to Port Hedland, WA.
We really love the map and it seems to cover all the places we are travelling to.
We have already completed 2 others [on other trips] and this is our 3rd”

Jan Robertson, Australia


Map Journal of Australia

Hannah’s year long adventure in Australia recorded for posterity – shown here with 6 weeks to go! Note how she has cleverly printed place names in different colours and sizes on another piece of paper, which she then adhered to the jotting box so they stand out and are easy to find in among her write ups – And she recorded all the places of interest visited in Tasmania by listing them down the outside edge of the bottom right hand box – I love this… and what a trip!


“Unique way to record travels – we bought the 3-pack of maps to post to our niece and nephews … with a record of our driving route and what we did and saw along the way (and stuck photos to it as well). Our youngest nephew then took his copy to ‘show and tell’ at school to share with his class. 

I referred the maps to my sister-in-law for my nephews to use to record their first real family holiday on (they drove from Brisbane to Winton to see the dinosaurs)”
Tania Messervy, Australia


Journal Map by Journey Jottings showing how David recorded his month long trip to Australia arrowing into the central pictorial map highlights of his adventure

David recorded the highlights of his month long trip Down Under in verse (to be sung or recited) – By numbering the boxes one can follow the order of his adventure with the arrows clearly marking what happened where 🙂

David Thompson, UK

“They make beautiful gifts and are a lovely way to keep memories of trips”

Sarah Munnings, Australia


Pictorial map of Australia showing the route taken by a traveller touring around the country

Lesley created this wonderful Journal Map of her travels around Australia, which her husband framed with stunning ropework – Lesley said:
“We bought several Mail-It Maps to send home in lieu of postcards during our Big Trip. I recently found our last remaining one and decided to make a more permanent record of our wonderful journey. They are such a delightful record of your journeys around Oz!”

Lesley Wyatt, Bedfordshire UK.


“It’s a nice compact memento of travel undertaken, which can be added to when other trips are taken”
Meredith Mannel, Australia


Recording trip to central Australia on a Journal Map

Extracts from Kerry’s Central Australia Mail-It Map, marking her route from Alice out to Uluru, recording highlights in the surrounding boxes


“I loved the post-it approach to the map, the design, the colours and the uncoated paper.
If you love paper and art, buy ten, send them to your friends and family. They’re little pockets of magic.

Kerry Mulgrew, Australia 

“I have recently finished travelling Australia and I transcribed all my travelling adventures on your postcard map. I absolutely love it and it’s a treasure that I will love forever so thank you so much for creating such a beautiful piece of artwork.”
Mischa, UK


Journalling Ideas Inspiration

Extracts from Nina’s Map Journal and Notebook during her 1 month trip travelling Australia

“Beautiful drawings, handy format, just enough space for everything.

Don’t think, just buy! You’ll have the best travel diary experience of your life :)”
Nina Klancnik, Slovenia 


“I live in Canada and have just returned from a month’s trip to Australia.
In August, when we were visiting the Red Centre, I saw your Australia Map Journal posted on a shop wall. The map was obviously frequently read because it had developed a well-fingered “we are here” spot.

As a travelling, journalling map lover… the Map Journal has been a great pleasure to read and use, with its lovely illustrations and lettering, the fine paper that takes a pen so well, and the protective wallet to keep it safe in my backpack.

Now it is the first thing I turn to when I want to recall and share my trip memories.
Thank you for sharing your creativity and love of maps.”
Debra Arnison-Sutton, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Record travel memory with photos and a map

Sami’s framed Map Journal with photos in the surrounding boxes – Look closely at how she cut the photos to the shape of the boxes to make them a part of the overall design 🙂


And a few more…

“The artwork was beautiful”

“The illustrations are just wonderful. Beautiful quality paper as well”

“I love the old fashioned way of sharing travel experiences”

“Look how cute these maps are”

“Instills a sense of adventure in anyone”


And you’re never too young to start recording your memories…

Travel Journalling for Children

This 4.5 year old travelled to Sydney where, as you can see in the left hand box (in red), he saw the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge


Nor too old – Graham is a truck driver who has been recording his trips around Australia so his 6 year old grand daughter could see where he was – The 5 trips in the image below were completed in the first 5 months of that year!
And if you want to see more of Graham’s adventures click here to read a post I wrote to celebrate his 50th Big Lap Of Australia 🙂

Truck Driver Map Journal

Graham is a truck driver, who in the first 5 months of the year had been around Australia 5 times! He recorded his trip on a Journey Jottings maps for his grand-daughter 🙂


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And if you’d like to read a blog post from a family who travelled around Australia for 18 months, using Journey Jottings to record their trip, click the image below…

Recording Australia road trip on a map

“Journey Jottings gets our highly recommended thumbs up for recording your travel memories on your Australia road trip.”
Caz and Craig Makepeace, ytravelblog