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Founder and creator of Journey Jottings, Linda Fairbairn

Linda Fairbairn ~ Founder of Journey Jottings

Welcome to Journey Jottings ~

Holidays and travel are full of amazing experiences but, that’s only the half of it ~

Spending time with those memories is like taking a marvellous mini-break…

IF you can remember them!

This blog offers tips and tricks for


*highlighting your holiday adventures*… forever

  • by using my ideas I’ll take your reminiscing to new horizons, wherever you care to roam across the globe.
  • and by using my Journey Jottings Map Journals when travelling in and around Australia I’ll have your trips simply summarised on a single sheet.


Hello ~ I’m Linda Fairbairn

and here are My 3 best kept travel secrets.

If you love holiday travel (which is why you’re here – right?!) there’s also:

  • Inspiration for where to travel next –
    My love of outback Australia features in many posts – I love the expansiveness of landscape… its plants and unique animals.
    But I also love discovering wild and woolly places beyond Australian shores and share with you their beauty.
  • How to make the most of your memories with doodle drawings and story-maps
  • Fun interviews with other travellers taking a peek inside their journals to see how they do it!

So, Who is Linda Fairbairn?

Here are a couple of posts with more info (if you’re that keen!):

I’ve always been taken by this quote from Sir Francis Chichester , the first person to sail single-handedly around the world via the clipper route in 1967

“To a man with imagination, a map is a window to adventure.”

To me, a map is a window to distant horizons.

I love horizons.

  • They beckon from across landscapes that rise and fall across the world.

I love landscape.

  • Hewn by climate over eons of time, this global environmental sculpture appears from afar like a crazy patchwork of regional textures and tones sewn together by waterways and dry creek beds; yet close up, the transgression from one locale to another feels more seamless as the vegetation transpires from lush verdant greens to dry spiky ochres.

I love maps ~

  • Which via lines and symbols snapshot entire 3D landscapes succinctly onto a single 2D sheet.

There’s nothing more enticing than unfolding a map of a previously visited area and being taken back to places and times past.

Most people think of maps as being solely navigational,  but for me:

maps evoke nostalgia for the past

and flaunt far away places that taunt for the future.


This blog reflects my loves ~

  • heading over horizons on holiday,
  • observing vignettes of landscape adorned with flora and camouflaged fauna and…
  • maps for highlighting your holiday adventures ~


Here’s 101 ways to use your Australia Map Journal for starters 🙂


Join me on this journey

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