The Dance of the 7 Travel Links

  The Dance of the 7 Travel Links The travel blogging fraternity is abuzz reminiscing over their mixed bag of gone, but not forgotten, blog posts. Tripbase has instigated a 7 Links game of tag where once nominated by a fellow travel blogger you delve into your blog archives to select: – Your most beautiful post – Your most popular post […]

Twitter – Are you all of a flutter? Or still sitting on your perch?

Twitter turned five in March 2011 It was 3 years before the billionth tweet was sent. Today, a billion tweets fly through the Ethernet every week 🙂 While nearly half a million people sign up for Twitter every day, only 21 million are classed as ‘active’ Twitter users, meaning they follow 30 people (or more). I joined […]

Traveller’s Tweet Up in Australia’s Rainforest

Today, we not only meet people in real life, we  also form friendships across the world through the Ethernet via Social Media. And what’s even more fun is when these friendships are solidified in the flesh! This week I met Michela Fantinel for the first time face to face. I’ve ‘known’ Michela for over a year […]

Why New Zealand Now? blog4NZ

Why go to New Zealand now? Because if you love *landscape*, New Zealand is your dream destination. If you’ve had yearnings to see the fjords of Norway, the geysers of Iceland, the lowlands of  Scotland or the Alps of Switzerland save yourself the angst of the manic European traffic, and the hoards (250million) of tourists and […]

What does travel mean to you?

Last week I came across a column by Keith Jenkins of Velvet Escape titled:   ‘What travel means‘ Technically, travel means to go from one place to another, or to make a journey (particularly of some length). Yet as language evolves, the word ‘trip’ seems to better convey this simple act of going from A to B. Whilst ‘travel’, on […]

So, Who is Linda?

The wonderful Craig and Caz Makepiece of yTravel Blog hold a weekly “Post your URL”on their Facebook Page where a random participant is drawn and last week it was —–> ME!!<—– (Linda Fairbairn of Journey Jottings!) They promptly asked me some questions… and this is what I said 😉 1. So, who is Linda? Born in England, I […]

‘My Divine Landmark’

“WHAT EMOTIONS DO ‘manmade landmarks’ like the The Twin Towers, the Golden Gate Bridge, Great Wall of China, Sydney Harbor or The Brooklyn Bridge mean to you? Can you capture how you feel about your favorite ‘manmade landmark?” Wow ~ What a challenge ~ Its all very well being awestruck by a structure in the […]

Do you have a Medical Case of Wanderlust?

I came across this blog post headlined: “Diagnosed with Dromomania (A Psychological Travel Illness) – Do you have it?” Any traveller couldn’t help but be sucked in by this headline and when I shared it on Twitter I immediately got numerous responses of relief from some of my fellow travel-loving compatriots that they were finally diagnosed 😉 According […]