My Artist’s Date

At times the world seems quite manic.

Family life feels fast and furious, business gets busier and there’s a constant race servicing the needs of family members, business colleagues and company customers.

With so much energy pouring out of the pot (solving other people’s problems) one can’t help but cry

“What about ME!!”

In her series of Artist’s Way books Julia Cameron refers to the risk of your ‘well’ being sucked dry… not good for your family, your business and of course most importantly YOU!! 😉

To ensure the well gets replenished she talks of making anArtist Datewith yourself where you go on:

“A solitary expedition with your ‘creative self’ into new, interesting, and expansive territory. Expeditions do not need to involve ‘high art’. They might be a trip to an aquarium store, a concert, a used-record store, a drive in the country – anything that ‘fills the well’ – for you. Artist dates are undertaken alone.”

I love my ‘Artist’s dates’ so, on Saturday I went to GoMA (Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art), which always re-hydrates me!

I chose to leave the Valentino retrospective for another day ~ And headed to the upper gallery where some beautiful indigenous works caught my eye ~
Here  is a detail from a work by Angelina Ngal portraying an ethereal landscape  of her grandfather’s Arlparra country in the Eastern Desert:

Arlparra Country (detail) 2006 by Angelina Nga

A stark contrast to Robert Macpherson’s hardware paintbrushes demonstrating how inspiration can flow from anything ~ even down to formulating the colours used and matching their proportions 😉

I couldn’t help but be attracted to this with its global map projection appearance ~

And it always amuses me when does a straight line become a curve ? 😉

While most of the galleries are enclosed, there are some beautiful large windows that connect the inside art with the outside world ~

I loved this view of a futuristic feeling sculptural work that hummed at various electronic frequencies depending on your proximity to it juxtaposed, out of the window, against a classic pioneering Aussie icon the wind mill to one side and what seems to be becoming a modern day city icon on the other, a ferris wheel!

Past, Future & Present

Past… Future… Present

And looking out the other way towards the William Jolly Bridge an image of  merging cultures.

William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane

On the river-side of the gallery is the new walking bridge that links South Bank to the City, offering a short-cut up to Roma Street Parklands ~ Called Kurilpa Bridge, the word Kurilpa was a term used by the original Aboriginal inhabitants in the West End Area meaning a ‘place for water rats’.

Feeling replete from the absorption of fresh new sights and sounds, and inspired by all manner of concepts taking my thinking bouncing off at tangents, I’m feeling fired back up and ready to burn 😉

You got to burn to shine!

You Got To Burn To Shine

John Giorno

Tell me in the comments below…

Do you make and take Artist’s Dates?

What do you like to do, or

where do you go to replenish your soul? 🙂

13 thoughts on “My Artist’s Date

  1. Great post, so nice to see things from my hometown! I have heard of the Artist’s Date but admit have not partaken … something that should be remedied 🙂

    • Hi Sally ~ When were you last in Brisbane? If it were more than a few years ago you’ll be super surprised when you return! The South Bank cultural complex is amazing, the skyline is forever changing and the city really is evolving into a city to be reckoned with – Its no longer a country cousin to the southern cities! 😉

      Can certainly recommend taking an ‘Artist’s Date’ ~ Just make sure you pop out on your own – so its only *your* nose you’re following!
      It makes you feel positively pampered 🙂

  2. This is a really important post, Linda. Taking time out to feed your inner artist has many benefits.

    As someone who loves to draw, I make space every morning before work to spend some time in my art space – pastel painting, drawing, musing about fantastic ideas for animations.

    Love your pictures.

    Thank you.

    Robin 🙂

    • Taking time-out is so important Robin –
      Replenishing your soul is as important as eating, sleeping and exercising! 😉

      Also having fun with it –
      I have a propensity to interweave ‘my’ time into something I ‘should’ be reading or feel I should at least be using the time to better myself in some way!
      Have to quote Julia Cameron again here as she does have a great point when she says:

      “Think mystery, not mastery. Time-outs are about awakening our sense of wonder. They are not about self-improvement”

      She draws on a remark made by Linus Pauling:
      “There are few things in life more enjoyable than satisfying one’s curiosity” 🙂

  3. I havent got an “artistic” bone in my body have trued to find it over a number of years without luck…lol so no feeding of that beast required

    I feed my creative mind instead…no better place to head than the aussie bush, we are surrounded by national parks and amazing bush settings 🙂

    • So agree Leanne ~ What better way to nurture and nourish your soul than in the bush – There’s so much to be in awe of in nature – My curiosity there is permanently piqued 😀

  4. Hi Linda,

    I am possibly the world’s number one advocate of “me time”, similar to the Artists Date you refer to. I truly believe that you cannot fully enjoy life unless you have some time out to reflect on your own – whether it’s going to see something, learn something or just going for a walk. Forming thoughts and opinions without the input of others around you is vital to living a full life, and as you say – necessary to ensure your well isn’t sucked dry!

    Sometimes I think people around me must think I don’t like them, as I’m always talking about needing more ‘me time’ – but it’s not a reflection on them, it’s just something I really need.

    Thanks for the reminder about how important it is!


    • Hi Claire ~

      Great to hear that you not only relish your solitude but insist upon it!

      I’m with you that stepping out of the shoes you wear as a partner, a business colleague or a friend, and stepping into a pair of solitary ‘you’ shoes for an hour is time sooooo well spent ~
      Next time you say you’re off for some ‘me’ time, maybe you should suggest they try it too ~ They might not realize what they’re missing out on 😉

  5. I LOVE Julia Cameron’s Artist Way, especially the morning pages exercises!

    Adore the sculpture against the Ferris Wheel. Must be a great place to sit, with a book and pen, and get inspired by all those beauty =)

    • Hi Jesz ~

      I’ve done periods of writing morning pages and the waking up half an hour earlier to fit them into the day was always well rewarded!
      Writing as a constant stream, pen on paper for 3 pages without stopping to judge, correct, think, or cast an opinion, is a great opportunity for exposing what really is at the heart of ‘you’ before the logical conscious brain wakes up and puts a dampener on your thoughts! 😉

      Yes, there are some beautiful spots on the South Bank of Brisbane that offer inspiration 🙂

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  7. A bit late, but I was looking for some artist credits for photos I took on my own trip to GoMA only a couple months before you – The Valentino Exhibit was just being set up when I was there. Seeing a mass of naked mannequins from the window while on the ferry while coming in was quite funny!

    ANyway, just thought I’d say I loved the post – It’s nice to see others having similar experience in the same place – makes the internet feel a little smaller 🙂

    • It’s never too late to comment!
      So drop by any-time 😉

      The ‘unusual’ view of the naked mannequins through a window from the ferry, would certainly have formed an amusing memory of Brisbane!

      And I agree, the world certainly has become smaller and more connected with the Internet 😀

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