Bearded Dragon Photo

Central Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps)

Image Bearded Dragon

 I so nearly trod on this poor little chap!

We’d stopped for breakfast on the way to Standley Chasm. I was walking through the leaf litter to get a photo of our motorhome (camperbus!) when as I moved forward there was a rustling movement underfoot!

Image Bearded Dragon


What was I about to step on?

To my relief, it was this cute Bearded Dragon (not a snake 😉 )

Whilst indignant, he didn’t scuttle off…

Image Bearded Dragon

I was surprised to discover when we got home that the Inland Bearded Dragon is the most common variety to be sold as pets!

Have you seen a Bearded Dragon in the wild?

Or maybe more pertinent… as a pet? 😉

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3 thoughts on “Bearded Dragon Photo

  1. Linda, what a coincidence. A new family moved into the house across the road yesterday. I went over to introduce myself and they introduced me to their pet bearded dragon “Spike”! he was gorgeous and I had a hold. Not seen one in the wild yet 🙂

    • How funny!
      I’ve never met anyone with a pet lizard (yet) but when I tweeted the link to this post on Twitter I had someone respond that:
      “I have one as a pet! She is very affectionate ;)”

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