How Do You Capture Moments That Your Camera Misses?

How to Capture Missed Moments It was the most perfect of days – A sky of pale cerulean blue across the horizon rising through wispy white clouds to a deep azure above. And a turquoise sea, which when looking into the sun shimmered and sparkled as though a canopy of diamonds was laid across its […]

5 Local Places I Love

I was asked by the Got Saga team “What 5 places I’d take a visitor to in my ‘home town” ~ If you come to the South Moreton Bay islands in the Bay off Brisbane, Australia these are my favourite local places that I’ll share with you… Mangroves and sea eagles ~ The inter-tidal zone at the bottom of […]


‘Mangroves’ vegetate the inter-tidal area between land and sea that gets flooded with the tides. The name Mangrove is therefore applied to any plant that is able to live in salt water whether a tree, a bush, a fern, grass or shrub. Over 18% of the Australian coast line is vegetated with mangroves ~ This week, I was […]