“One Special Summer” – The Travel Journal of Jacqueline & Lee Bouvier

I love delving into travel journals – My travel journals, your travel journals (if you’ll let me take a peek!), or in this case… a published travel journal – The Travel Journal of Jacqueline & Lee Bouvier Jacqueline Bouvier – the future Jackie Kennedy Onnasis and her sister Lee’s travel journal from 1951 in Europe. One Special […]

The Laid Back Travel Journal Layout – How to Story-Map Your Day

This post forms part of my series How to Travel Journal Like a Mapmaker… In the previous three posts about creating story-maps I’ve covered: How to Make the Most of Line Types to Express Your Travels How to Create the Illusion of Movement with Arrows And the Use of Pictogram Symbols  for pictorially communicating your trips Now, how […]

How to Travel Journal like a Map-Maker

Why do you treasure your travel journals? For their marvelous memories, of course! Memories of faraway places… exotic locations… & experiences often never to be repeated So, how do you capture your adventures? By words? Pages and pages of descriptive writing? By sketches? Whimsical lines and blobs of colour expressing an essence? By scrapbooking? Collating […]

Watercolouring her Way Around the World – Interview with Candace

“It’s been 12 years since my last art lesson, but recently I decided to spend less time in front of a [computer] screen when I travel”  When I heard Candace declare this on a video a few years ago my interest was instantly piqued. How many amongst us have also not drawn since primary school? […]