2011 Year at a Glance – June

My Year at a Glance:

Time flies when we’re having fun…

so is it any surprise we’re already in July…

half way through the year?

To keep the year covered from TOP …

Year at a Glance 2011 July_526

Where to in 2011?


…at the end of each month I take a moment

to ponder what advancements I’ve made?

Some months, I throw my hands up in despair as I glance back and feel all I’ve chased is my own tale 🙁

But there’s always something that’s changed for the better, moved forward, even if in a roundabout fashion 😉

Journey Jottings July 2011 July_537

So, each month I scribble or doodle a reminder of what small step was taken –

I otherwise get to the end of the year saying

“Where did that go?”

And feel as though I have nothing to show for it…

as the previous year’s events fade into a distant fuzzy blur.

So, with half down…


…and a blank canvas for the half year that lays ahead

Year at a Glance 2011 July_528

I ask…
Do you ever take a moment to consider where in life’s journey

your last month has taken you?

What was your *highlight* for June 2011?

Share it for posterity in the comments below 😉


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