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Best Kept Travel Secrets

I was thrilled when I received a nomination from Kirsty Wilson of Travel Tips Plus to reveal 3 of my best kept travel secrets as part of a Blog Tag game initiated by Tripbase.

(Click on the images below to get the FREE pdfs 😉 )

My 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets feature in the blue covered ‘Travel Tips’ ebook –
Such as keep your used travel tickets and receipts as souvenirs to help recount the tale in years to come.

Used tickets and receipts make great souvenirs

The rules were simple ~ Once nominated the tagged blogger revealed 3 of their best kept travel secrets and then tagged a further five bloggers who in turn revealed their secrets (Once tagged you’re out!)

Secret Beach Locations


It culminated in over 150 travel bloggers across the globe contributing over 500 inspirational travel secrets!

Food Travel Secrets

Foodie Travel

Each one of these phenomenal travel gems has now been compiled into a series of unique travel e-books.

American Travel Secrets

United States

There are 7 in all giving away travel secrets as to the:

  • best beaches
  • great food
  • fabulous family travel tips
  • worldwide wonders, plus 2 that focus on specific countries:
  • United States &
  • Italy ~
Secret Travel Tips

Travel Tips


My top three travel secrets appear in the ‘Travel Tips’ blue covered e-book illustrated above (where I can be found directly after featured author Rolf Potts) and I was also the Editor’s Pick 🙂
Here is what I said!

Top Travel Tips for recording travel memories


Italian Travel Secrets


The most exciting development however, has been Tripbase announcing that for every single e-book that is free to download, they will make a $1 donation to Charity: Water.

Family Travel Tips

Family Travel

To download any of these free TRAVEL TIPS e-books simply click  the images.

Then pass the link onto all your friends!


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3 thoughts on “Tripbase & Travel Secrets

  1. wow sounds like a great project. congrats on your feature. i’ll have to look over your post again to see which ones i want to download. thanks!

  2. Tripbase are still contributing $1 to Charity Water for each download that is FREE to you!!
    So pass on the link to anyone who loves travel and could benefit from the 500 Travel Secrets 😉

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