Watercolouring her Way Around the World – Interview with Candace

“It’s been 12 years since my last art lesson, but recently I decided to spend less time in front of a [computer] screen when I travel”  When I heard Candace declare this on a video a few years ago my interest was instantly piqued. How many amongst us have also not drawn since primary school? […]

Worst Travel Tales

This month’s themed travelling tales from our Facebook Page is Worst Travel Stories This time last year we started a monthly ‘travelling tales’ feature that’s posted on our Facebook Page. Its a free-for-all where everyone shares their travel stories ~ focused on a theme. Because the first was ‘Favourite Travel Tales’, and this is the year old anniversary, […]

The First Time I…

  1. The first time… I read a map, was a mud map my mother drew for me as an adventure to take the dog for a walk across the fields, through the spinney, around the edge of the yellow king-cup filled marsh, and up to the woodland that ran along the top of the ridge. 2. […]

The Dance of the 7 Travel Links

  The Dance of the 7 Travel Links The travel blogging fraternity is abuzz reminiscing over their mixed bag of gone, but not forgotten, blog posts. Tripbase has instigated a 7 Links game of tag where once nominated by a fellow travel blogger you delve into your blog archives to select: – Your most beautiful post – Your most popular post […]