Favourite Journeys – Part 1

When I posted this on our Facebook page :

“What was your favourite journey?”

This is what *you* said 🙂

Yvonne Adele

My first trip to New York, where I came back with a life-long souvenir– a NY yankees tattoo! The day after I got it, I sat at Yankee Stadium – forward in my seat because it was hurting my back – with my giant pretzel and giant foam hand. The regular baseball fans I was sitting next to thought I was mad. On the same trip, I went roller skating at The Roxy.

Yankee Stadium

Photo: LawrenceFung

My first trip to the Pilbara, walking through Karajini’s rugged red gorges, where the lower sections are worn smooth from water pounding down during the Wet; swimming in icey pools at the base of these chasms where the sun’s rays can only fleetingly touch each day. Then onto the Great Sandy Desert… sleeping out under the stars listening to the wind whistle through the spinifex grass ~ Magic 🙂

Karajini ~ Pilbara

…finding myself in an establishment that offeredmorethan ‘massages’ in Midtown New York (eeeek! 🙁   hehe!)

Massages 😉

Photo: schatz

Spending a week on the sleepy little island of Procida, in the Bay of Naples, Italy. I was captivated by the rustic charm of the island; the fishing village with its faded pastel coloured houses clinging precariously to the cliffs, the rocky jagged coastline & the scent of lemons from the citrus groves. Exploring the labyrinth of narrow winding walled streets and colourful local piazzas, authentic & unpretenious, and a welcome respite from the chaos of Naples !


The climb up Mt Sinai at 3.00am to witness an inspirational sunrise. Together with a small group of backpackers who spent the night at St Catherine’s Monastery, we all set out without a guide and by torch light. We negotiated our way along what we ‘hoped’ were tracks until we could see more torch lights near the base. These torch lights were the local Bedouins selling trinkets. We made it to the summit in time to witness the most spectacular sunrise over the pink, smooth, bubble-like mountains of Sinai. It was one of the most moving and memorable moments I’ve experienced.


Mt Sinai Sunrise

Photo: bluelizardworld

Travelling from Adelaide via the Flinders Ranges and along the Oodnadatta Track to Australia’s red centre to see Uluru for the first time.
We left Adelaide on 12th September 2001, still in shock about the terrible attacks which happened in the US the night before. Once we reached Marree, the tiny town at the start of the Oodnadatta Track, we felt we reached a different world. The vast and lonely desert around this little town was stunning, the craziness of the world outside dwindled. Since the horror of 9/11 a few days ago, we felt completely at ease.
Later on that trip, the magic of Uluru was captivating and spirtual, however, Marree will always be a special place for us.

Oodnadatta Track

Photo: splaTT

Susan Stubbs

My fav journey was from Brisbane to Phillip Island for the MotoGP in 2006 my first big ride on my own Motorcycle. 16 days away touring NSW and VIC, Jap Peace Gardens Cowra, Cricketers Walk Cootamundra, Great Ocean Road, Salt Lakes (Lake Corangamite) Phillip Isle Trackside, Hawkesbury River, and Nabiac Motorcycle Museum on the way home approx 5,500kms. A great expereince to see this vast land of ours

Trackside Philip Island

Photo: teliko82
Debbie Yeomans
It hasn’t happened yet but it will this Saturday when I drive to the airport to collect 3 of my boys. They have been visiting their father interstate and I have missed them so much. It will be a short trip but a very happy one 🙂


Photo: Jasmic

Robin Dickinson
I’ve just come from a journey to Fiji where the national pastime must be smiling. Fijians are one happy bunch of people – the young, the old, the workers, the students – everybody. Everywhere we went we experienced smiling souls. They smile the real smile – you know – the one with the eyes that look deeply and appreciatively into your heart.
Their joy is so contagious. What a lesson!Their villages are simple compared to our ‘sophisticated’ cities. People live on less and seem not to stockpile useless possessions. They project a real interest in joyful living and sharing what they have. They dance with you, sing to you, wave to you and smile at you. It’s the happiest journeys I’ve ever made.

Joy-full Fijians

Photo: Cak-Cak
Shandel D Burns
I just came back from the UK and Italy. They were both great and what stood out was how lovely the people were in both areas.


More on Friday when I announce the favourite tale!

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  1. Thanks for dropping by and enjoying this collective –
    I’m loving the diversity of what makes a ‘favourite’ journey ~ The sights/sites to be seen set the scene, but its the experiences that create the memories 🙂

  2. Well done, Linda. I love your visual treatment. It’s a terrific idea to bring them all together like this.

    Best, Robin 🙂

  3. Thanks Robin ~
    As with all things in social media its such fun when a collaborative effort can be shared and enjoyed by all participants and the wider community 😀

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