D is for Doodling – Happy Hints for Jotting your Journey

Last Saturday I tweeted a link to a previous post asking: “Do you write, draw or collect in your travel journal?” Ian, of @EagerExistance   replied: “write and collect.  what would i draw?”  So I answered: “Not so much ‘drawing’ as doing impressionistic doodles that’ll jog your memory better than words”   Having recently spent a […]

Do you write, draw or collect in your Travel Journal?

I’ve just unearthed some of my old travel journals during one of those sorting-clearing spring-cleaning sessions. A travel journal from one of my earliest trips through south-east Asia, and another from a more recent visit to France have re-surfaced, which between them span many miles of travel over many years. Viewing them side by side the […]

In Memory of Marc Lacaze

Artist Marc Lacaze unexpectedly died, Tuesday 9th August 2011. Today, farewells are being said at a service in Paris, where he had a studio. A mutual friend, Debbie, introduced me to Marc’s work. His love of travel, and unique way of recording his adventures, struck an immediate chord. Decorated envelopes adorned with postage stamps, calligraphy and his […]

…tracking trails & tales

My eye was taken by this advertisement in a weekend newspaper colour supplement. It seems I’m not the only one who thinks its fun to visually… …track *your* trails and tales 😉 By Visit Victoria its a promotion to ‘Lose Yourself’ in Melbourne’s fashion districts. When visiting a new city, or exploring your home turf, doodling a diagrammatic ‘mud […]

Travel journal? Forget it!

Forget the generic travel journal… when going off on a short break or holiday in Australia  Lets face it, you’re on holiday ~ you want to relax, have fun. For highlighting your holiday adventures simply summarize your trip on a single sheet  with a Journey Jottings Map Journal. For flying visits  make a dash to your destination! With a […]