Travel journal? Forget it!

Forget the generic travel journal…

when going off on a short break or holiday in Australia 

Lets face it, you’re on holiday ~ you want to relax, have fun.

For highlighting your holiday adventures simply summarize your trip on a single sheet  with a Journey Jottings Map Journal.

  • For flying visits  make a dash to your destination!
With a thick red felt tipped texta pen against a ruler make dashed lines on the map from your home town to your holiday destination to illustrate your flight path if going by plane.
  • Dot your trails on the map
If travelling by road, use dots as these are easier to place in between the winding road edges.
  • Arrow in your destination
Arrow in and name where you’re staying then use each of the jotting boxes around the edge of the hand-drawn pictorial map of Oz to jot a few tales.
  • Jot your tales in the boxes
There are eleven boxes around the outside, which unlike a journal is happily not an overwhelming amount of blank space to fill 😉
  • Highlight *your* holiday adventures
On a short break a mere highlight or two a day will encapsulate the trip and months later will have the memory jogging as to where you went and what you did!
  • Postcard Jottings
Its amazing how the shortest of notes can spark a recollection otherwise buried deep beyond recovery ~
What could be simpler? 🙂

Happy travels 😀

Have you been anywhere recently?
How did you highlight *your* holiday adventures?

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