Year at a Glance – August 2010

The winter months here at Journey Jottings are some of our busiest months when it comes to supplying retailers, as this is the prime travelling season for visitors to explore northern Australia.

The weather in the Top End and the Kimberley region is uncomfortably hot and humid during the summer months (November ~ March), not to mention the monsoonal rains that cut swathes of the country off as rivers flood, and makes roads impassable ~ That is the Wet season up in the tropical north.

The winter (April ~ October), on the other hand is the Dry season and is therefore the optimum time to explore this area while the weather offers sunny, blue sky days with comfortable cool evenings. Its a win:win scenario for both escaping the southern cold winter, while holidaying in a stunningly beautiful scenic area with a perfect climate 😉

Kimberley Map Magnet

The highlight for this month therefore has to be the Kimberley region Map Magnet literally flying out the door to supply all those lucky travellers touring the gorgeous Kimberley region.

August 2010 Kimberley Map Magnets flying out the door


 At the end of each month I enter a Journey Jottings highlight on a Map Journal so at year’s end I’ll have 2010 simply summarized on a single sheet ~ The image above is August’s entry.

Click on the ‘2010‘ tag to see ‘my year at a glance’ so far 😉

What was *YOUR* August highlight?

5 thoughts on “Year at a Glance – August 2010

  1. Hi Linda, nice post. My highlight was undoubtedly my birthday trip up to Mallaig in the Scottish Highlands. Stayed in the Blythswood Square Hotel in Glasgow then up very early for the 5 hr train trip, voted the best in the world by Wanderlust readers for the past 2 years. Few hours in Mallaig, then back on the train to Edinburgh. An amazing, if a little tiring, journey. Gloriously sunny all day too! I wish I could make a map of it like your ones! Jools
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  2. There were many high spots in August. One that was travel related was that I presented at a conference in Coffs Harbour. It was my first time to Coffs and it was a delight to see the scenery there and to experience the change in pace compared to Sydney. I was fortunate to travel with someone who really loves that part of the world, so it was super easy to be enthusiastic.

    Although only 2 days (and work related) the change of scenery really did give me a chance to clear my head and get some fresh perspectives on life.

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