The year at a glance – June 2010

If someone asked you

“What does Journey Jottings do?”

What would you say?

I came across a blog-post a few weeks ago that with community input (992 comments to date!) is nutting out the answer to this question to come up with a few pertinent words that conveys in a nutshell what each participant does  ~ The outcome is their *sharewords*

Visions, missions, goals and tag lines are all proffered to build up a picture that is then whittled back down to  4 or 5 words that encapsulates their essence!

So, what do we do?

We *highlight your holiday adventures*

Why do we do what we do - To highlight your holiday adventures

June 2010

We believe memories from holidays and short breaks deserve just as much attention as those from a major trek ~ Its not the length that matters, its what you do with it 😉
And when it comes to jotting those few notes that will jog the memory when nostalgia strikes, I advocate the shorter the better (Check out my
*Best Kept Travel Secrets*for some pointers there!)
We exist so when your annual holiday would otherwise be but a distant memory, you’ll have a visual keepsake! We do what we do so, for those who can’t imagine keeping a journal for a non-journeying holiday, you can now arrow in where you went on a hand drawn pictorial map and jot memorable moments in the surrounds, so this year’s holiday will be simply summarized on a single sheet for future reminiscing!

Have you highlighted your holiday adventures? 😀


At the end of each month I enter a Journey Jottings highlight on a Map Journal so at year’s end I’ll have 2010 simply summarized on a single sheet ~ The image above is June’s entry.

Click on the ‘2010‘ tag to see ‘my year at a glance’ so far 😉


2 thoughts on “The year at a glance – June 2010

  1. I love this post, Linda. Well done. Your illustrative technique is marvellous.

    We really appreciate your support and generous input into the sharewords community.

    Seeing how you express your sharewords is truly a delight.

    Best, Robin 🙂

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