Post Office Stamp Map

Look at this amazing Post Office stamp map of Route 66 in the USA.

It took Ken ‘The Landrunner’ Turmel two years to traverse the route and collect all the commemorative Post Office stamps created for the 70th anniversary of Route 66, in the USA.


He has now reproduced the artwork for sale as a Post Office Stamp Map limited edition

When the Australian school holidays are in full swing and long car journeys with the children are inevitable this map offers great inspiration…


If you’re heading off on a car trip this Australia school holidays and need an idea to keep the children occupied…

Play eye spy for the Australia Post symbol

aus_post_symbolor the Visitor Information symbol

Visitor Info symbol

and when spied, take a (well earned) break to go in and ask for a stamp!


Not all Visitor Information Centres have their own stamp, but as seen from this example compiled by my good friend Sam (age 6 years) on a recent trip down to Sydney, NSW, they usually have some kind of rubber or sticky stamp they will improvise with 🙂


If you’re on Facebook, Route 66 Artwork have a fan page.

Consider creating your own Post Office Passport this school holidays 🙂

We’d love to see your efforts ~

Either upload to our Facebook Wall or

Send us a photo and we’ll share it here on our blog

[Editor’s Note:

Many thanks to Amanda Markham of Travel Outback Australia who drew my attention to the amazing Route 66 PO Stamp Map :)] 

6 thoughts on “Post Office Stamp Map

    • I think it’d work even in your locale –
      She can eye spy the Post Offices when you’re out shopping, on the way to the river, going across town to visit friends…???
      Don’t forget to scan in a portion or photo the results for us all to enjoy 😉

  1. Wow. Great post, Linda. I’m so glad you found it useful. And I’m still loving the colours of the stamps.

    Mark is over there now filming some more for his next Route 66 episode. I told him that you’d really liked the map, so he was rather chuffed.

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