Year at a Glance – July 2010

In July it was announced that Journey Jottings was a finalist in the Australian Home-Based Business Awards.

On 30th July I flew to Melbourne where I was presented with my Award by the Victorian State  Minister for Small Business the Honorable Joe Helper MP.

At the end of each month I enter a Journey Jottings highlight on a Map Journal so at year’s end I’ll have 2010 simply summarized on a single sheet ~ The image above is July’s entry.

Click on the ‘2010‘ tag to see ‘my year at a glance’ so far 😉


Journey Jottings highlights holiday adventures


22 thoughts on “Year at a Glance – July 2010

  1. Linda, I love this idea! I am about to embark on a big project – trying to summarise every year of my life thus far, in a similar way.

    What a great idea to do it month-by-month going forward, it’ll make it so much easier!

    Thanks for inspiring me!

    • Hi Claire ~ Sounds like a great project! I’d recommend you start small i.e. Get this year summarized first so at least from here on in it’s covered.

  2. Indeed, this is a lovely idea and has got me thinking about how we often forget to capture our business successes in a way that reminds us how much we have accomplished. A business plan is a help with this, of course, because we can mark off successes. And in my previous role as GM of a franchise, I used to find it helpful to keep photos and samples of marketing materials, event agendas etc. For me, it really helps to be able to *see* the outputs of activity.
    You’ve certainly got me thinking about this topic.Thank you!

    • Hi Kate ~
      The months fly past so fast it is so easy to overlook the accomplishments with all the busy-ness that floods over us everyday ~ I’m not good at giving myself any credit or acknowledgement as achievements whoosh past (which unlike pesky deadlines don’t make so much noise as they fly by LOL) so I must confess I find the effect of seeing the combined monthly results as the year evolves on a single sheet here very powerful, yet very quick to do

  3. Oh, Linda, I love it … I so wish I could draw as beautifully as you … 🙂

    Having said that I often using visuals to both document my ‘journeys’ as well as in facilitating.

    One of my favourite exercises when working with business owners is to have them ‘draw their future’ – no words, just big fliphcart paper and lots of coloured markers for them to draw happy faces of themselves, clients and wider community, their dream home and life and how their business helps them get there … ‘drawing’ it is certainly far more powerful than ‘writing it.

    Congratulations on the award … and thank you for sharing the journey of Journey Jottings so far … just beautiful 🙂

  4. What a great way to use your map journal. We still have ours on the bookshelf which the boys bring out when it’s geography lesson time, they love them. I see you’ve added a bight to the Bite.


  5. That’s a good tip Linda. Going back 30-something years is going to be a long project, so you’re right to start from now at least.

    I’m going to start this weekend! I’ll let you know how I go!


  6. Hi Linda

    This quick thought just popped into my head after looking at your visual year – (Leyland Brothers theme song – if you’re old enough to remember it!!!) – Travel all over the countryside – pinpoint it with Journey Jottings

    Tacky – but a bit of fun 🙂 – could you imagine something like that reworked with someone like John Williamson or Ernie Dingo????



  7. @Cat I think you’ve hit the nail on the head that visuals are powerful and also so much easier to quickly convey/comprehend the root of what you want to communicate ~
    Great to hear that you use stick-men/happy faces in your facilitations – You certainly don’t need to be an artist!
    Not jotting any history because of misconstrued perceptions of one’s capability is criminal!
    This blogpost about neat handwriting may be relevant 😉

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