Expedition to an Island Beach

In the dunes that back the beach, it amazes me that anything can grow ~ No nutrients in the soil, and such good drainage no water will hold between the fine white grains of sand – Yet, defying possibility, these coastal plants produce luscious yellow blooms. Keeping close to the ground, hugging the sparkling shard minutia, they duck the […]

Australia Rainforest Buttress Roots

Australia Photo ~ Buttress roots seen near the base of Wollumbin (Mt Warning), Northern NSW Along the border between Queensland and NSW are some beautiful sections of rainforest. Lamington  National Park is on the Queensland side, and the Border Ranges is on the NSW side, along with Wollumbin (Mt Warning) I love rainforest ~ Its […]

5 Local Places I Love

I was asked by the Got Saga team “What 5 places I’d take a visitor to in my ‘home town” ~ If you come to the South Moreton Bay islands in the Bay off Brisbane, Australia these are my favourite local places that I’ll share with you… Mangroves and sea eagles ~ The inter-tidal zone at the bottom of […]