Strangler Figs and Natural Bridges

Natural Bridge is an arch of basalt that spans Cave Creek, in SE Queensland, Australia.

Water pouring down the creek bed over millions of years has eroded and worn through a thin layer of basalt so it now cascades through an opening in the roof of the cave leaving a natural arch bridge spanning the creek.

Natural Bridge, Queensland AustraliaNatural Bridge (some call it Natural Arch) is located in SE Queensland. Just an hour and a half by road south of Brisbane, its situated only 4kms north of the NSW – Queensland border.

Natural Bridge Walking Track MapThe short walk to Cave Creek goes through a small pocket of rainforest starting at a stunning strangler fig tree that holds many memories for locals who have come to see the glow worms in the cave at night and have started the trek by shinning their torches through the void left from the host tree.

Strangler Fig Queensland Australia

This is the infamous strangler fig ~ It really is a superb example

Strangler Fig Queensland Australia

Strangler figs start as an epiphyte, meaning a seed is in most cases bird deposited in a crevice high in a host tree. From here, the roots grow downwards to reach the soil, while the top grows up to reach the light above the dense rainforest canopy.

Strangler Fig Queensland Australia

As the strangler fig roots grow down, and over time thicken, they envelop and totally engulf the host tree with a lattice of roots ~ When the host tree dies and rots away, the columnar hollow structure of the strangler is left with a central void core, as in the case of this tree.

Natural Bridge, SE Queensland Australia

I first featured Natural Bridge as a subject in my Photo Friday series.

Then when Michela of @rockytravel came over to Australia from Italy for a 3 month trip and I got to meet her face to face for the first time I took her to Natural Arch to show her a greener lusher impression of Australia. The photo above shows the water cascading through the cave ceiling and then flowing on down stream under the arch.

Natural Bridge, Queensland Australia

From above, one can see the hole where the rock has been eroded and the water pours down into the cave

Rainforest Vine Epiphyte

Such a gorgeous spot so close to Brisbane –


Have you been there?


When, and what memories does it hold for you?

12 thoughts on “Strangler Figs and Natural Bridges

    • Australia is a surprising continent ~
      One tends to think of the rugged red centre, the aquamarine of the great barrier reef, and the golden beaches, so the 0.3% of lush green rainforest gets overlooked!
      Lovely at least to see you here!
      And if you’re ever in Australia – Let me know 😉

  1. Australia is a continent I have not visited just yet. But I really want to go there! My husband is very much into waterfalls, I think he would love to visit Natural bridge. Thank you for an idea.

    • Hi Ingrida ~
      For such a dry continent it’s surprising that we do have some stunning waterfalls ~
      Barron Falls near Cairns would most likely be one of the more famous, although I love the smaller ones that are a bit ‘out of the way’ 🙂

      • Just saw the information on Barron Falls, wow! What a big difference dry season to wet… looks like a completely different place.

  2. Springbrook National Park and Natural Bridge were the things I visited on my first weekend off when I moved to Australia back in 2008! Love your pictures! Please share more stories about the best city of Australia. I miss Brisbane like Rock misses Roll! 😉

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