‘Mangroves’ vegetate the inter-tidal area between land and sea that gets flooded with the tides. The name Mangrove is therefore applied to any plant that is able to live in salt water whether a tree, a bush, a fern, grass or shrub. Over 18% of the Australian coast line is vegetated with mangroves ~ This week, I was […]

Snowdrops to Bluebells

When I arrived in Scotland mid March the Snowdrops were in full bloom in both cultivated gardens and wild woodland glades ~ I was due to return to Australia 6 weeks later so the chances of seeing the first of the bluebells would possibly have been a little  optimistic ~ But then Eyjafjallajökull, the Icelandic […]


I love trees, and because in Australia most of our trees are evergreens (primarily Eucalyptus) I get a real thrill at seeing the deciduous trees of Britain in their winter skeletal form And while this last tree is not deciduous… it seems appropriate the final photo should be a Scots Pine 😀

Fungi, Moss and Lichen

Just before I left Australia in March I wrote a post about the autumn fungi I spotted on one of my last walks there ~ I associate fungi with the end of summer so was interested to see this tree fungi here in the Scottish spring! Whilst most was hanging on the underside of the tree… […]

What is this flower called?

Just spotted this gorgeous little flower protected under the tree’d canopy on the woodland floor ~ They have a ‘splodgy’ variegated leaf They only stand about 8 – 10cm tall The flower reminds part of cowslip – part red campion! The mix of coloured flowers on the one stem is simply beautiful And to see them […]