Spring Springing in Scotland

After a long hard winter in Scotland the grass looks yellowed and quite burnt by the snow and frost and the deciduous trees still stand silent in their bare hibernation.

After months of lifelessness it is such a treat to see signs of new growth when first the snow drops and crocuses push up through the hard cold earth ~

And the catkins start coming on…

and the Pussy Willow…

And the larch trees, which while a conifer are also deciduous so loose their spines in winter, start showing the feintest tinge of green as their fresh spines start to shoot.

(You have to look close to spot that one 🙂 ! )

And the daffodils, a real ray of sunshine…

Daffodils and remains of the winter wood pile 😀

3 thoughts on “Spring Springing in Scotland

  1. Love the catkins and pussy willow photos :). I’m just getting round to planting my daffodil bulbs down here in the Southern Hemisphere. My brother is a daffodil farmer in Cornwall…such a shame quarantine rules mean he can’t send me some lovely bulbs!

  2. I have a soft spot for catkins (or ‘lamb’s tales’!!) and the soft pussy willow 🙂
    Have you had your daffodil bulbs in the freezer? As I think they have to experience a ‘frost’ to flower?

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