Snowdrops to Bluebells

When I arrived in Scotland mid March the Snowdrops were in full bloom in both cultivated gardens and wild woodland glades ~

Snowdrops in Scotland March 2010


I was due to return to Australia 6 weeks later so the chances of seeing the first of the bluebells would possibly have been a little  optimistic ~

But then Eyjafjallajökull, the Icelandic volcano erupted!

Being grounded for just those few extra days meant I got to see some gorgeous spring wildflowers burst into life including violets…

Violet Violets 🙂

…in both violet and white!

White Violets

…Primroses and Lesser Celendine


…Yellow Archangel

and on those extra few days there at the end of April…

The first of the Bluebells


2 thoughts on “Snowdrops to Bluebells

  1. Linda, glad you got see the bluebells. They are in full bloom back in my home town Helston in Cornwall right now. Today is FLora day, an ancient celebration of spring. I have some photos of bluebells, lily of the valley and the general festivities, so when you post on facebook I’ll put them up…a nice splash of spring as we head into autumn!

  2. Have just posted this on our Facebook page ~
    Would love to see your spring flower photos – A perfect offering too on this, Mother’s Day 😀

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