‘Mangroves’ vegetate the inter-tidal area between land and sea that gets flooded with the tides. The name Mangrove is therefore applied to any plant that is able to live in salt water whether a tree, a bush, a fern, grass or shrub.

Over 18% of the Australian coast line is vegetated with mangroves ~

This week, I was sent an invitation to a gallery exhibition opening in Port Hedland with this beautiful pastel image on canvas of mangroves, by artist Sharon Jack.

Sharon Jack

Pastel on canvas by artist Sharon Jack

The exhibition of her work is to run through July to the end of August, should you be lucky enough to be in Western Australia during this period ~

Image: Mangrove

The islands in the Bay off Brisbane, where I’m based, are surrounded by some beautiful species of mangrove ~

Image: Mangroves

More than anything, I love their arched root systems

I,age Mangroves

And these that must be years old with amazing gnarled and weathered trunks


As the soils in these zones have little oxygen the root systems are  generally close to the surface, and do a great job of helping to prevent erosion



Journey Jottings:

Where/When/How ~ What did I See, Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste?

  • Australia’s inter-tidal zone
  • Arching roots
  • Clicking of crabs disappearing down holes
  • Un-oxygenated mud
  • Shiny leaves, slippery mud
  • Salt

5 thoughts on “Mangroves

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    • I think our beings are naturally intertwined with the organic nature of our world – Don’t you?
      I wonder whether the swirling, curling Art Nouveau movement that came after the Industrial revolution in the 1890’s was a backlash against the cubic man-made factory work spaces that were sprouting then?

      • Hey Linda,
        What a cool observation about the origins and inspiration of Art Nouveau. I think you’re on to something there!
        Thanks for your refreshing views!

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