Australia Rainforest Buttress Roots

Australia Photo ~

Buttress roots seen near the base of

Wollumbin (Mt Warning), Northern NSW


Along the border between Queensland and NSW are some beautiful sections of rainforest.

Lamington  National Park is on the Queensland side, and the Border Ranges is on the NSW side, along with Wollumbin (Mt Warning)

I love rainforest ~ Its not a form of vegetation I associate with Australia ~ but it’s ancientness is remarkable. Evidence of  Gondwanaland lies here too in the form of Antarctic Beeches… but they’re another story 😉

These wonderful buttress roots

have grown around a rock over aeons of time!

To get a sense of scale see this post when I returned to this spot to show an overseas visitor this area

4 thoughts on “Australia Rainforest Buttress Roots

  1. Man, I miss Australia. Been 7 years now, way too long. I made it to the Daintree Rainforest, it looked much like this. A gorgeous, compelling place I connected with on a visceral level.

    • I love the rainforest too. It’s so big, and lush, and green, and old – and that feeling that its been there for aeons is so comforting – Thank goodness in Australia the rainforest areas are World Heritage listed – They are precious 🙂

    • Hi Kirsty ~ The vegetation at the base of Mt Warning is glorious isn’t it!
      Can’t believe its just on a year you were up here –
      Hope to catch up with Michela next weekend 🙂

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