Expedition to an Island Beach

In the sand dunes that back the beach, it amazes me that anything can grow ~

This is an Island Beach

Image beach flowers growing in the sand

No nutrients in the soil, and such good drainage no water will hold between the fine white grains of sand –

Yet, these coastal plants defy the possibility producing luscious yellow blooms.

Gorgeous yellow flower growing in the sand dunesKeeping close to the ground, hugging the sparkling shard minutia, these beach flowers duck the salty sea winds.

Yellow convolvulus growing in the sand on the beach

Just their pollen rich blooms stand proud to catch the attention of passing pollinators 😉

Flowers & Footprints on an Island Beach

Bird foot prints in the sand on the beach

Between the plants, signs of animal life leave their marks forming beautiful artworks with their foot prints – bird life looking for breakfast…

Lizard foot prints left in the sand

And lizards trying to avoid becoming that breakfast!

But not everyone is in hiding ~

Who goes there?

Kangaroo hiding in the sand dunes

Who’s asking?

Not sure who is taken more by surprise ~ The wallabies or us!

Wind & Waves on the Water’s Edge

Silky oak trees create some shade behind the beach

Then, finally, through the bushy scrub between the trees the first glimpse of the sea across the sand.

Image looking through she oak spiny leaves across the sand to the sea

There is possibly no more beautiful a sight than that first view through the silhouetted frondy she oaks that back this island beach.

Image of wind swept bushes on the beach with the sea in the background

Once out onto the beach ~ I spot a patch of shade from where I can take refuge from the beating sun and lie back to look out across the sea to the infinite horizon…

White frothy waves pounding the Australian shore

And gaze in wonder at the waves and the scale of the Pacific Ocean ~

Knowing that nothing lies between me and South America.

Sandy island beach on Stradbroke Island Australia

Have you visited Stradbroke Island Beach on the east coast of Australia?
And how did you remember your visit?

Here’s a fun tin Map Magnet that I drew that covers the coast from Byron Bay up to Fraser Island –
Click here to buy one for just Aus$5.95

Map Magnet showing the Queensland coast from Brisbane to Fraser Island

Where is your favourite island beach?


7 thoughts on “Expedition to an Island Beach

    • Thanks Paul ~
      Like you in Melbourne, our water views are usually ‘just’ across the Bay, so I really enjoy the extra foray to get through to the ocean side of Stradbroke Island, where the sea is so rugged and wild and expansive 🙂

      Do you have a piece of ocean you can get to to gaze out in wonder at?

      • Alas no, Linda. My view is of a two-storey grey brick wall with the windows painted over. It’s a constant reminder to work hard and find a better place for myself in the world (near the sea!). Your post is further inspiration. One of these days, Alice; one of these days! P. 🙂

  1. I Love the bright yellow flowers. What a beautiful contrast and something nice and cheery to feast my eyes on after a very cold and wintery day here in Sydney! I always love an expedition 🙂

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