Spring in the Sub-Tropics

The downside of living on the 27th parallel south in the sub-tropics of Australia is that the season’s tend to be very similar ~ All a bit same same –

It appears that the lower the latitudinal number of where you are on the globe, results in less seasonal variations of vegetation. One lot of 365 days rolls into the next 365 days, with no blatant visual demarcation –

A palm tree is a green palm tree no matter what the time of year! 😉

Also, with Australia’s predominant tree type being the Eucalyptus, which is an evergreen, there are few native trees in this east coastal region (Brisbane) that bare all in winter, allowing for that fabulous flurry of fresh lime green bursting into life as the days lengthen and the sun warms.

There are of course compensations to living on the 27th parallel south but it is nonetheless a thrill when one observes little differentiations heralding signs of seasonal change!

Such as these bees busying about their business, collecting this fluffy fresh pollen.

And this Noisy Friarbird Honeyeater tucking into some (no doubt) tasty Grevillea pollen

Down by the water’s edge these yellow hibiscus (also known as Native Rosella) are starting to flower –

And set back from the cool sparkling water…

This wonderful wattle ~ Australia’s floral emblem 🙂

National Wattle Day heralds the onset of spring in Australia on the 1st September ~ In the northern hemisphere spring is not sprung until the equinox which is 20th/21st March ~ The equivalent in the southern hemisphere being 20th/21st September.

What signs of spring are you noticing?

5 thoughts on “Spring in the Sub-Tropics

    • Your trip down the east coast sounded awesome!
      Did you see any Journey Jottings on your travels?
      For a bit of fun we have a page here for ‘Where we’ve been seen’ if you did?! : https://journeyjottings.com/blog/where-weve-been-seen/

      The seasonal changes in Australia are so much more subtle than in the northern hemisphere its brilliant when you can observe vegetation evolving though its cycle ~
      I think you went away at just the right time, as the flowers were going into bud, so the contrast coming back to them in their full glory was really striking 🙂

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