From Beginning to End

Peach blossom heralding the spring

Australia Photo: 

From nucleus to fruition

Not sure how this lone peach managed to hang on all year till the new blossom bloomed?

Peach Blossom

Out with old, in with the new! 😉

Time for a spring clean!

Bee on Blossom image

Journey Jottings highlights holiday adventures

6 thoughts on “From Beginning to End

  1. Stunning photos Linda, I’m a huge fan of fruit blossoms of any kind. Apart from the obvious asthetics, and my love of pink things, they make me feel optimistic.

    • I agree ~
      Blossom, synonymous with the spring, is the classic symbol for new beginnings, which heralds the future ~ for which I’m always optimistic 😉

  2. Stunning photos Linda. The perfect antidote to my wintry shot last week. Can’t help having a spring in my step looking at those. Which is just as well as I am up spring cleaning my house at half past midnight in preparation for its first open inspection tomorrow. Hopefully people will like the bees that hover around my front gate lavender all day. Did you eat the peach?

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