My Artist’s Date

At times the world seems quite manic. Family life feels fast and furious, business gets busier and there’s a constant race servicing the needs of family members, business colleagues and company customers. With so much energy pouring out of the pot (solving other people’s problems) one can’t help but cry “What about ME!!” In her […]


‘Mangroves’ vegetate the inter-tidal area between land and sea that gets flooded with the tides. The name Mangrove is therefore applied to any plant that is able to live in salt water whether a tree, a bush, a fern, grass or shrub. Over 18% of the Australian coast line is vegetated with mangroves ~ This week, I was […]

Ron Mueck Exhibition

When Ron Mueck’s exhibition at  GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) came to Brisbane… I went on the opening day! It was an extraordinary experience of observing human forms; finding oneself staring transfixed at bodily details. Peering into the worlds of human beings frozen in time. At times the gallery crowd became part of the scene. The Wild […]

Sculpture Treasure Hunt at Cairnsmore of Fleet Nature Reserve

Cairnsmore of Fleet is a National Nature Reserve covering just under 2,000 hectares of south-west Scotland. Made up of wild and open heather moorland, Cairnsmore itself is a large granite ‘hill’ (2331 feet/711 metres) that rises unforested from river valley to summit; yet as one enters the Reserve it is the rugged  ‘escarpment’ of the […]

Australia’s Fabulous Flora in Linoprints

I simply had to share these wonderful images by Linoprint artist Anna Curtis. As Anna says… “The unique beauty of the Australian native bush and all its elements is wondrous.” “I like to capture the essence of flowers, fruits, leaves and trunks through close observation of their intricacy, patterns and colors. With the addition of […]