Ron Mueck Exhibition

When Ron Mueck’s exhibition at  GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) came to Brisbane…

I went on the opening day!

GoMA Brisbane

Entrance to GOMA Brisbane

It was an extraordinary experience of observing human forms; finding oneself staring transfixed at bodily details.

Woman with sticks 2008 Ron Mueck

Down to the scratch marks under the arm of this woman with sticks

Peering into the worlds of human beings frozen in time.

In Bed Ron Mueck


At times the gallery crowd became part of the scene.

Wild Man Ron Mueck


The Wild Man’s vulnerability was exacerbated by the disparity in his size contrasting with who controlled the space.

Wild Man Ron Mueck

Wild Man Ron Mueck

Wild Man Ron Mueck

Wild Man Ron Mueck

Yet the disparity of scale was turned upside down with these two ladies who totally controlled the space with their distrust.

Two Women Ron Mueck

Who is observing who?

Two Women Ron Mueck

Suspicion? Disapproval?


One’s attention couldn’t not be drawn to the intricacies of the external form and the brilliance of Mueck’s technique.

Ron Mueck


With the human body but a vessel taking us on our life’s journey…

Ron Mueck

I found myself being drawn into what was going on unseen within

Ron Mueck

Inside the Vessel

the thoughts, feelings and desires dwelling deep within his subjects ~ their hopes and fears for the future…

Ron Mueck

…their past

and their unfulfilled aspirations taken unnoticed with them to their death bed.

Dead Dad Ron Mueck


Stepping back outside and into the real world… the evening light was falling on Brisbane…

Brisbane city


Or was it Gotham City?!



Have you seen any of Ron Mueck’s work?

How did you respond?

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