Shells, Sketches & Sand

Southern tip of North Stradbroke Island


A photo essay of a day at the beach

A couple of weeks ago, before the weather broke into this rain, rain, rain here in SE Queensland we went for a trip in the tinny to the southern end of North Stradbroke Island ~

As a reminder, that the sun does sometimes shine, here are a few photos…

(and when you get to the bottom, for a bit of fun, add what the weather is like wherever you are in the world ‘today’ – as you read this!)

Mooring the Boat at the southern tip of North Stradbroke Island

and out onto the open beach

It always amazes me how these beautiful shells are made!

Definitely worthy of some extra attention

So I was spurred into doing a couple of sketches when I got home!

Shapes, colours, textures…

Both outside & in ~ Sketches by Linda

Looking out into the South Pacific Ocean ~ Nothing between us and South America

So, I wonder where this coconut came from?

Signs of life

…and signs of a moving coastline

*sigh* The beach 😉

What’s the weather like where you are NOW?

ADD in the comments below

WHERE you are… & WHAT’S the WEATHER like there ‘today’? LOL

17 thoughts on “Shells, Sketches & Sand

  1. 12°C overcast and drizzle in Wellington, New Zealand today at 2pm. No wind, which is a blessing! Dreaming of sunnier, warmer climes 🙂

    • Pleased those Qld sunny skies gave you a little break away on a Friday afternoon…
      And thanks for the Melbourne weather update – Hope its improved for your weekend 🙂

  2. Weather roundup:

    BRISBANE Bay Islands, now raining and super blustery 🙁
    KALBAR, SE QLD: overcast… about to rain
    SYDNEY: Windy, sprinkling rain
    VANCOUVER: Grey and drizzly
    WELLINGTON, NZ: Overcast & drizzle
    MELBOURNE: Cold, windy and bucketing rain

    Is all this rain due to La Nina?

    • Thanks for dropping by Suellen ~
      It was such fun yesterday, seeing updates from across the world coming in!!

      The wind and rain here last night was fighting furious –
      But this morning, while still blowy, the sky and the air feels as though its been vacuum cleaned LOL
      Crisp, fresh and oh so clear –

      Such a beautiful contrast 🙂

  3. Here in S’thn Highlands NSW, it’s clear with easing cold blustery westerlies. Ahh, there’s nothing like such fresh air for one to be out in cleaning up after these (now) subsiding cyclonic conditions 🙂

    • It seems to have been super blustery across the whole of eastern Australia today – and last night we felt as though we were going to get blown away 😉

  4. 9 degrees celcius and Overcast here in Brussels this morning. About average.
    There is no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothing! Photos look great just after rain or even in rain.

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