21st November 1878 – 56th day, Travel Journal Entry

“A grand sea on today; one moment we are in a valley & the next on a mountain. It is also considerably colder now. Our friend was quite near us this morning & we found by looking through the glass that she had got a lot of horses on board. Yesterday afternoon Ada had a […]

6th November 1878 – 41st day, Travel Journal Entry

“Fishing all the morning for Joey. Salt junk for dinner; the cook says eating this is very much like kissing one’s sister, very tame work & not much flavour. Today they had the donkey-engine alight to make some fresh water, as that which was remaining was very rusty. One poor fellow last voyage came out […]

Voyage to Australia 1878 – Travel Journal Entry

I came across this hand written travel journal, which was created by a Mr A.S.A. Whelen over 130 years ago. A.Whelan was a second-class passenger aboard the iron clipper Hesperides that departed London on the 27th September 1878 sailing for Australia to arrive in Melbourne 93 days later on 28th December 1878. The account of the voyage […]