Southern Cross Sighting – 21st November 1878 – 56th day at sea

A grand sea on today; one moment we are in a valley & the next on a mountain.

It is also considerably colder now. Our friend was quite near us this morning & we found by looking through the glass that she had got a lot of horses on board.

Yesterday afternoon Ada had a fit of some sort or another (I suppose through the change in the weather) & is now in her bunk not feeling over bright. Daisy is helping Sails while the guv’nor is lying down for a rest, Clara & Brown are doing a little in the spooning line & I am enjoying myself by watching Joey write his diary from my bunk.

Of course not much can be done but play cards etc of which luckily we have a small stock as we brought our box of games with us. After a smoke we turned in at 10.

Celestial map Frederik de Wit

We saw the southern cross to-night for the first time

but it is nothing grand.”

These are the tales Mr A.Whelen wrote about in his travel journal when he sailed half way around the world on an iron clipper (the Hesperides) back in 1878


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