Sailing Provisions – 4th October 1878 – 8th day at Sea

“Up at 8 after 13 hours sleep & feel all the worse for it.

Had salt junk for breakfast & fancy it will be a job to keep it down all day.

Arthur bought some tobacco today (blk jack 3/- lb Virginia 3/6 lb) & amused himself puffing it up whilst I was at my stamps as usual; none of the ladies are visible.


We are now skirting the bay of Biscay & I am glad that we are not in the middle of it as there is quite enough rolling as it is. All out in the evening enjoying ourselves with songs on the after deck. Today being our second stock day

I will give you a list of the stores [sailing provisions]

that come to our share per person & per week.

Biscuits 3 1/2lbs                                       Raw Sugar ¾ lb

Beef 1lb                                                  Wht Sugar ¼ lb

Pork 1 lb                                                 Cheese ½ lb

Preserved Meat 1 lb                                  Butter ½ lb

Soup & Bouilli 1 lb                                     Pickles ½ pot

Flour 4 lbs                                               Vinegar ¼ pot

Peas ½ lb                                                Salt 2oz

Rice 1 lb                                                  Pepper ¼ oz

Oatmeal 1/2lb                                           Mustard ½ oz

Preserved Potatoes ½ lb                            Treacle ½ lb

Salt Fish ¼ lb                                           Limejuice 6oz

Jam ¼ lb                                                  Barley ½ lb

Raisins ½ lb                                              Currants ½ lb

Suet ½ lb                                                 Preserved Milk ½ pint

Tea 2oz                                                   Carrots ½ lb

Coffee 4 oz                                               Onions ½ lb

These sailing provisions are from a hand written travel journal by A.Whelen when he sailed on the Hesperides to Australia in 1878

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