5th October 1878 – 9th day

“Had a fearful nights rest & the sea is running very high. During the night we woke up by hearing our pails basins & boxes floating up and down our cabin at each lurch; but we fared well to what the ladies did, for on going aft to see them we found that the whole of our weeks stores had gone to glory. About 2 in the morning everything got loose and fell to the ground, viz: Bread, Limejuice. Coffee sugar pepper mustard & the slop pail, where there was very soon one of the finest mixtures you ever saw.

Ships_on_a_rough_sea_(Johannes_Christiaan_Schotel,_1827)Guv’nor and the ladies not visible all day so that we had the plantation pretty well to ourselves. Today the sheep was killed and I hope we shall be in a condition to eat and enjoy it tomorrow. They say it has had the foot disease.”

Tales from the high seas as recorded in A.Whelen’s travel diary back in 1878

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