Forks in the Road

Have you had something ‘bad’ happen? Which at the time felt like the ‘end of the world’ but a while later you’ve said…   “That was the luckiest day ever… If it wasn’t for that happening, I’d never have ended up on this path!” Such as.. The day our working visa application for Sweden was refused. We’d […]

Red Nomad Tracking Down ‘Journey Jottings’ on her Aussie Odyssey

I received a Tweet from @RedNomadOz on Twitter: And about a week later… I’d been enjoying following the trails and tales of Red Nomad Oz on her blog for some time, when as part of her ‘Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets’ series she sighted #17 at White Cliffs (in outback NSW) along with…“arguably the most remote OZ location to […]

Uluru – The Day I First Laid Eyes on Uluru (Ayers Rock)

After a 3am start to get to the airport for a 5am lift off to Uluru, we left the coastal humidity of Brisbane and flew into Australia’s heart – the Red Centre. Peering down onto the scrubby outback and gouged channel country from 35,000 feet we flew over flooded Lake Eyre and sparkling salt pans […]

Worst Travel Tales

This month’s themed travelling tales from our Facebook Page is Worst Travel Stories This time last year we started a monthly ‘travelling tales’ feature that’s posted on our Facebook Page. Its a free-for-all where everyone shares their travel stories ~ focused on a theme. Because the first was ‘Favourite Travel Tales’, and this is the year old anniversary, […]

The First Time I…

  1. The first time… I read a map, was a mud map my mother drew for me as an adventure to take the dog for a walk across the fields, through the spinney, around the edge of the yellow king-cup filled marsh, and up to the woodland that ran along the top of the ridge. 2. […]

The Dance of the 7 Travel Links

  The Dance of the 7 Travel Links The travel blogging fraternity is abuzz reminiscing over their mixed bag of gone, but not forgotten, blog posts. Tripbase has instigated a 7 Links game of tag where once nominated by a fellow travel blogger you delve into your blog archives to select: – Your most beautiful post – Your most popular post […]