“One Special Summer” – The Travel Journal of Jacqueline & Lee Bouvier

I love delving into travel journals – My travel journals, your travel journals (if you’ll let me take a peek!), or in this case… a published travel journal – The Travel Journal of Jacqueline & Lee Bouvier Jacqueline Bouvier – the future Jackie Kennedy Onnasis and her sister Lee’s travel journal from 1951 in Europe. One Special […]

Joining the Dots to Create Better Travel Memories

One of our fabulous readers Red Nomad Oz, travels Australia and records her discoveries on her entertaining website Amazing Australian Adventures. In 2011 Red wrote a post for us here called My Journey Jottings Aussie Odyssey recounting where she’d spotted Journey Jottings’ Journal Maps and Mail-It Maps as she criss-crossed Australia’s outback visiting Mildura in Victoria, Wentworth […]

12 Travel Highlights from 7 Countries

If you’d asked me this time last year “What are your travel plans for next year?” I’d simply have replied – “Scotland… I’m going to visit my Mum who lives in Scotland” That’s it. full-stop But the magic of travel highlights is their serendipity – Travel Highlights By way of example, I’d never have imagined a […]