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My good friend Kirsty Wilson from Travel Tips Plus & Interim Business Solutions wrote a blog post last week entitled ‘Souvenirs:  Postcards from Travel Destinations”.

I posted the link onto our Facebook page asking:

“Do you keep all the PostCards you receive?”

Kirsty’s Fridge Door 😉

Photo: Travel Tips Plus


“I keep them!” piped up Charley Jones

And Sarah Mitchell responded:

“I don’t but my sister-in-law recently showed me a shoebox full of postcards I’d sent to her kids over 15 years of international travel. It was a very cool record. I had forgotten about some of it.”

Despite the best of intentions, one does forget!

Sarah’s statement brilliantly exemplifies how even a few words, in this case on the back of a postcard, is all it takes to bring back otherwise forgotten travelling adventures ~

So… next time you are away and writing a few postcards, take a few moments to jot down the equivalent of a postcard to yourself in a small notebook jotter, and at the end of the holiday pop it in an envelope (with a selection of pretty local stamps) and post it home to yourself  ~ Postmarked envelopes are like passport stamps in that they mark where you were and when. On your return you’ll have the fun of receiving mail from this far flung location with a neatly parcelled chapter full of memory joggers encapsulating your latest escapade.

These little A6 Notebooks would be ideal!

travel notebook

CHECK then out by clicking on the photo!

And for other ways *highlight your holiday adventures*

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