Masked Lapwing

I spotted this out of the window…


You may ask!

A Masked Lapwing (also known as a Masked Plover or the  Spur Winged PloverVanellus miles)

So I took a closer look (when the bird had gone for a walk)  and look what she was sitting on 🙂

Then, a few days later – on mid-winter’s day…

look what she had 🙂

The parents are very defensive of their young and are known to swoop to scare intruders away, or feign a broken wing to detract attention away from their chicks

But the instinct of the young upon hearing the danger call from their parent is to duck and freeze ~

Can you see anything by the stick on the left above?

Barely visible even this close up

A camouflaged baby chick ducking out of harm’s way! 😀

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