How many Australian Animals can you find on our Map Journal?

With the coming of the  school holidays here in Australia and their associated car trips with children, to help alleviate the Are we there yet?‘s, I’ve created an Eye Spy game with the aid of either of our maps ~ the Map Journal, which is A2 size, or a little Mail-It Map that is A3 size.

1.  See how many animals you can spot on a Journey Jottings Map ~

(Clue: There are 27 different creatures illustrated)

Journey Jottings Map of Australia

2. When, after a period of time, only ”some’ have been found and the need for a few pointers are required ~


Click this link:  How many animals can you find LIST

and print out ready to provide either a list that can be called out one by one, or if the child can read to mark off the animals as they are found.

Some are fairly easy such as this kangaroo…


3. When it gets to the point of needing a few visual clues, have the pages in this


Click link: Find the Animals

ready printed out, which offers pictures of what to look for 😉

Such as this koala…


Some are a little more tricky to spot than others, such as this crocodile


Now, where could he be lurking? 😉

There is one ‘sneaky’ animal, and that is the platypus, who is only visible by the ripples he’s making on the water’s surface, which is accurate in that that is usually all you do see of them! 😀


Is he too shy to show himself?

Looking for other car game ideas?

This time last year I posted the Post Office Passport game ~ For this, children have to Eye-Spy the red Australia Post Office  “P” symbol, which then requires a pit stop so as to get your Map Journal or Mail-It Map rubber stamped with the individual postmark for that location ~

And here is a link to ’10 fun family games for travel time’

Happy travels!

Share with us below…


How many animals did YOU find? 😉

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